Information regarding battery regulation (BattG)

Ensure that you dispose your waste batteries, as stated by the legislature, at a municipal collection center or at your local shop. The disposal of batteries with household waste is prohibited and violates the Battery Disposal Act. The correct disposal options are free of charge. You are also welcome to return waste batteries back to us, however we don’t cover the postage costs. To return batteries back to us, please post them to the following address;

Moree Ltd.
Beule 78
D-42277 Wuppertal

Batteries that contain hazardous substances are labeled with a symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin. Located under the symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin, the chemical name of the relevant pollutants. For Example: (Pb) Lead, (Cd) Cadmium, (Hg) mercury.

Symbole BattG

For futher information on the disposal of batteries in your possesion, refer to the documents that accompany the batteries upon purchase.