With dual Multicolour LED Lighting

Moree presents a new, innovative counter system, which consists of different, straight and round, combinable bar and buffet modules. It was developed by our designers especially for the gastronomy, event and trade fair sector and impresses with its timeless design and high-quality workmanship. MADE IN GERMANY.

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The counter and buffet modules can be used in mobile applications at trade fairs and events as well as stationary in gastronomy and hotels. Whether as a counter/reception desk, DJ desk, mobile cocktail bar or as a large e.g. Exhibition counter, the bar system adapts to the spatial conditions and customer requirements. It offers plenty of storage space on the top and plenty of storage space inside.

Dual Light

Special: the individual bar modules have two separately operable multicolor LED units so that the front and work areas behind the counter can shine in different colors or white.

The integrated lighting is controlled by radio remote control. With four channels available per remote control and thus not only individual areas (front or work surface), but also the various modules can be controlled individually. Colors can be adapted according to the event and an impressive atmosphere can be created.


The standard color of the modules is white. With immediate effect, all modules are also available in a large selection of color, wood, material and metal decors. The counter board and end pieces can also be painted in special colors or made of solid wood. Special dimensions are also possible.

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The individual printing, for example on the counter fronts or the superstructures of the back buffet, enables customers to place their brands and messages prominently.

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Whether it is a dishwasher, refrigerator or beer dispenser, we can create counter and buffet modules with a wide range of accessories.

You can find an overview of other accessories here.

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Moree presents the illuminated, modular bar counter system. This can be deployed both in mobile usage at exhibitions and events, as well as in stationary usage for gastronomy and hotels. Whether an open, half open or enclosed solution, counter, reception desk, DJ mixing desk, mobile cocktail bar or a large exhibition counter for hospitality, corner solution or round counter – the bar system can match the spatial conditions and customer requirements. It offers generous shelf space on top as well as plenty of storage space inside.

The speciality: the individual bar modules have two separately operable multi-coloured LED units so that the front and the work area behind the counter can shine with different colours to your heart’s desire. The integrated lighting is controlled via radio remote control, where four channels are available and therefore not just single areas (front or work area) but the different segments can also be controlled individually.

he materials of the representative event furniture used are robust, timelessly beautiful and low-maintenance. Alongside a laminated surface the wrap around counter board can also be delivered with high-class paintwork.

In which your colour wishes know no bounds. The modular bar is enclosed with white painted end caps on the sides, these round off the elegant design.

As well as the 8 different individual elements, which can be combined into countless variants, three ready conceived sets are also available for the frequently requested standard situations. The classical straight “LED BAR STRAIGHT” solution, the enclosed round “CIRCLE” island solution and the half open “U” corner solution are offered as a set.

In order to do justice to all the uses the bar system can be expanded with buffet elements.

Anyone who wants to draw maximum attention can combine further illuminated tables or illuminated seating from Moree, or the ED bar stool, with the modular bar.