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Friendly Companion with a High Fun Factor!

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Bubble LED Modern Lighting – Friendly Companion with a High Fun Factor!

A living companion with a high fun factor, for all situations: Bubble is the latest piece of modern lighting from German label Moree, that is both an illuminated table and seat. Inspired by a pouf, the idea was to transfer the concept of a traditional cushion into a modern and multi-functional illuminated piece of furniture. The result is the 68 centimetre, extremely stable Bubble made from high quality translucent plastic. Available in several versions along with a glass top and cushions to choose from.

Whether a white or coloured light, for indoor or garden use, with a cable or battery, and for private or commercial use, the Bubble can be appropriate for any occasion. Thanks to the circular indent on the top, you can easily place a felt cushion there, making it a seat! With a glass top the Bubble becomes a side table which can accommodate your MP3 player, drink or your favourite book. The Bubble is always delivered as you wish, with a glass top or cushion (available in 5 colours; red, orange, purple, green and anthracite).

Bubble is available as in indoor and outdoor versions (resistant to rain and certified for use outdoors), with a normal bulb or energy-saving multi-colour LED’s. The LED versions offer a variety of preset colours and programs to choose from. They emit a range of colours, including white, and are also supplied with a remote control.

Additionally, Bubble LED Pro Accu allows 25-30 hours of wireless light. If upgraded to a radio controlled version, several Bubbles can be controlled at the same time, for example, use at events.

Made in Germany.