Cube Granite Indoor LED

Innovative Seat, Table and Decorative Object

Products from this series:

Granite Cube – Innovative Seat, Table and Decorative Object

The Granite Cube serves as a seat, a table, a decoration object or indirect light source. The illuminated seating cube is ideally suited for private or commercial use. A glass top or cushion can transform this light object into a stylish side table or comfortable seat.

The Cube Indoor is equipped with a transparent cable and foot switch.The Outdoor version has a black, waterproof cable and illuminates gardens, terraces or parks aswell as offering a seating area.

The LED version of the cube has got a remote control and offers diverse functions:

• 9 Programmes
• Brightness control
• The entire RGB spectrum
• White light, warm setting
• 4 Channel controls
• A range of up to 25 m

Made in Germany.