Granite Cube

The Granite Cube serves as a seat, a table, a decoration object or indirect light source. The The illuminated seating cube is ideally suited for private or commercial use. A glass top or cushion can transform this light object into a stylish side table or comfortable seat.

The innovative PE plastic material in granite look is easy to clean and looks deceptively real. When in use as a Bollard, the weight of the cube can be increased up to 120 kg through the filling with gravel/ sand to fix its position. In the hospitality industry less weight will be enough to fix the position of the cube to protect it from theft.

The Granite Cube Indoor is equipped with a transparent cable and foot switch.The Outdoor version has a black, waterproof cable and illuminates gardens, terraces or parks as well as offering a seating area.

The LED version of the granite cube has got a remote control and offers diverse functions:

• 9 Programmes
• Brightness control
• The entire RGB spectrum
• White light, warm setting
• 4 Channel controls
• A range of up to 25 m
• Compatible with iPhone and Android (with Moree Wifi Controller Mod. 20-02-03)

Made in Germany.