Ora LED Accu Black

New! With RGBW induction LED unit with magnetic lock

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Illuminated Coffee Table: Timeless Design and Superior Quality

The new Ora table from Moree is finally here. With a sophisticated mixture of complimentary materials specifically chosen to perform and impress, the Ora illuminated coffee table is in a class of its own. Both stunning and functional, this 60 x 60 x 45 cm table appears to actually float. By focusing on the user experience through attention to detail and beauty we have created a robust yet elegant solution which in itself is unique. Incorporating wood construction with carefully chosen plastics and the trademark Moree illumination, the Ora is sure to enhance any environment. Available in satin white or walnut veneer, the Ora beautifully bathes the floor with light whilst the consistent glow from the table top is accented by the glowing edge. LED cable or LED battery lighting units are available to choose from with the battery providing up to 16 hours of illumination. IR remote control comes as standard.