Lounge 105 – Technical Versions

Different technical versions are available with white or colored light, for indoor & outdoor use, with cable or rechargeable battery

A round illuminated bar table with ‘wow’ effect: with the Lounge 105 you can really create a great atmosphere. This piece of furniture for restaurant and hotel use hides within it powerful multi-colour LEDs.

The bar table lights up in any colour (plus white), permanently or in sequence – whatever suits the style of your location, party or event. The mix of acrylic-coated plastics and brushed aluminium provides just the right lounge feeling. Set up in the reception area, the Lounge 105 welcomes guests with VIP flair; in the bar area and club it lights up magically in front of the bar, in large spaces and private areas, in the bistro it delights gourmets.

The high-gloss table top provides a perfect surface for cocktails, finger food, snacks or deco arrangements. For restaurant patios and gardens there is a bar table model with outdoor certification. The Lounge 105 Pro version even has an optional radio unit which can be linked to any number of LED tables and used to control them remotely.