Multicolour Star 60 LED Accu Outdoor

MOD. 05-02-60 Multicolor LED Star shaped light with battery for indoor and outdoor use

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Star Shaped Light

The Moree Star 60 is a star shaped light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the perfect solution for lighting up the dark outdoors this winter. The Star is lit with multicolour LEDs and with 15 preset colours it is sure to get some attention. The bright colours make the Star stand out from other star shaped lights, whether being used inside or out. Standing at 60cm high the star can utilise empty wall space indoors. The integrated wall hook makes hanging the LED star simple and easy, either on a wall or even in a tree outdoors. This Star shaped light is conveniently controlled via an infrared remote control, giving you the power to choose from the 15 preset colours, an automatic colour change program and adjust the brightness.

The Star is made from white translucent Polyethylene. Whilst this gives the product a clean look and modern feel it also delivers great weather resistant properties so that the star can be used outside no matter what the weather. With an IP44 rating you can be reassured that the LED star is protected against water.

The Star is powered with a 3.7V lithium battery which can provide up to around 7 hours of operating time. After an evening of lighting up your surroundings the star can be easily charged either using a mains charger or the USB charging cable which is one of the accessories you will receive when purchasing a Moree Star. The LED Christmas decoration also comes with a screw in peg, enabling the Star to be firmly mounted into the ground.

The Moree Star is not just for use at Christmas time however, it is suitable for use all year round in both private and commercial areas. The Moree Star can be used to light up your terrace, garden driveway, or inside the home.