SWAP – The Outdoor Floor Lamp With Swappable Shade Covers

SWAP with swappable shade covers
SWAP, the outdoor floor lamp. With swappable shade covers
Moree’s newest addition, SWAP, the outdoor floor lamp.

With swappable shade covers the lamp can be customised to suit any environment, both commercial or private. The glowing white translucent shade comes to life when dressed with a shade of your choice; choose from our 6 different shade designs. The free-standing lamp stands at 1.5 metres, perfect for use in the garden, house or on the balcony.

The floor lamp is fit for the outdoors all year round. Complete with a white steel stand, base and an array of additional shades, SWAP is suitable for every season.Transform the dark outdoors in winter with this warming outdoor floor lamp, with each shade cover bringing a different finishing touch to the outdoors. SWAP provides the perfect elegant lighting solution, whether you are enjoying a night under the stars, relaxing with friends, or hosting a garden party.

The large white PE shade volume is sure to add an unusual element to your garden, both lit and unlit. Creating a warm indoor atmosphere, with minimal intrusion. The white colour stand positively compliments almost all furnishings and the PE diffuser provides a comfortable ambience. Each shade filters the outdoor floor lamp in a unique way, enabling SWAP to tailor to your lighting needs.

SWAP’s collapsible simple stand requires minimal assembly, making it ideal for transporting and re-positioning around your home and garden. The long 3 meter flex cable means you can use SWAP almost anywhere. It is suitable for outdoor use no matter what the weather, with the conic shade being fully waterproof.

We have 6 different shade covers to choose from, each with a unique design. 5 of the shade covers are translucent plastic with a colourful design print. There is something to suit everyone in the range whether you like an abstract style or modern clean style. Finally we have a grey coated fabric shade cover. This premium shade cover is fully waterproof, the high quality material looks fresh and stylish, finished with fine details including a Moree red logo.