The Ora home home from Moree is a white contemporary coffee table. The beautifully designed table has a pure white matte finish with an opal glass top. The LED pro version comes with built in LEDs. This light up coffee table has further functionality still; the built in multi colour LEDs are controlled via remote control, allowing you to adjust the brightness, colour and mode from the comfort of your sofa. The illuminated table offers the ultimate ambient lighting furniture for your home. Furthermore the light up coffee table also come with two USB ports, creating a convenient charging station for your mobile phone/ tablet.

You can also opt for a version of the white contemporary coffee table without the LED feature. This elegant coffee table still communicates exquisite design. With subtle built in storage Ora home provides a place for you to sore magazines/ books/ laptops without looking cluttered. The LED Pro version won the prestigious ‘Interior innovation award 2015’, highlighting the quality designer table’s features.

Both versions of Ora Home sit comfortably both at home in the living room or as use in office/ commercial lounging areas. The high quality materials and finish create a quality designer feel to the product. Put simply these white contemporary coffee tables enhance ambience, making everyday living better for you.

Pair the Ora Home LED Pro with Moree’s wifi controller in order to give you the ability to control the light up coffee table using your smartphone. Using the Moree remote control application available on Android/ IOS you can control the full functionality of the LED table from your phone/ tablet.

Ora Home is a low coffee table, which stands at approximately 30cm. The rectangular table has tastefully rounded corners, a low profile base and ample storage. Choose the simple Ora Home model without light or the LED Pro version to bring your living room to life.