Lounge 55 LED Pro Outdoor

A Uniquely Designed Table

Products from this series:

Unique design table

The new light box series from Moree Lounge is available in four heights.

The enlargement of the design lounge table series from Moree further 4 products, provides the ideal opportunity for each table and puts the given situation it casually in the right light. The series offers light tables in the heights of 45, 55, 75 and 105 cm.

The table surface in a futuristic form, and anodized aluminum together form a table that is both light source and eye catching. Whether for leisure or gastronomy, the series provides a suitable parking place for any occasion.

Lounge 45 and 55 are the perfect side tables. At heights of 45 and 55 cm they are the perfect height to be placed beside a chair or sofa. Thus, these two have a conveniently accessible surface space for cocktail glasses, magazines and much more, creating it by indirect lighting an appealing atmosphere.

With a height of 75 cm Lounge 75 is the perfect dining table. Here guests can sit in a comfortable height, dine, drink and talk. Through subtle lighting of the lounge 75 no further, possibly interfering light is needed on the table.

Lounge 105 is the bar table variant keeps any party alive. With a comfortable height of 105 cm, the design object ideal place for a cocktail party.

Every table in the lounge series is either an indoor or as a waterproof outdoor version. The garden can be illuminated – no matter the weather.

Thanks to the innovative and extremely low-power multi-color LED technology the entire color spectrum can be generated including white. Intensity and color of the lighting can be controlled by remote control.

A glass table top is included in delivery. All versions are also available without light source.