About Moree

For 20 years, Moree has specialised in high-quality luminaires, lighting and contract furniture, made for people who appreciate sensual and urban living. From the love of clear shapes, innovative materials and the fascination for the effect of light, the Moree designers always create new ideas for expressive and timeless interiors and exteriors.


The collection offers lighting & furniture, such as LED tables, seating and luminous decorative objects for living rooms and gardens, as well as for all areas of catering, hospitality and event. Functionality, durability and the clear, distinctive design stand for the success of the German brand.

The individual printing of our furniture and lighting allows companies to place their brands and messages prominently and to convey them in a fascinating way.

Moree stands for beautifully designed and highly functional quality products, which are only available in selected furniture and design retailers in over 30 countries worldwide.


To guarantee the sophisticated level of quality and durability of the products, only high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, wood materials and felt are processed. The unique, translucent composite plastics were developed and produced exclusively for Moree.

Round counter, LED counter, fair counter, bar counter


Only through light do colors, materials, shapes and the dimensions of rooms become visually perceptible; the correct use of light is decisive for the effect of the room. In addition, light is able to influence emotions like no other visual medium.

Moree focuses on innovative LED technology in symbiosis with its products. The LED modules are controlled by remote control and enable countless colors, brightness and diverse effects at the touch of a button. Light and color open up new dimensions in design and are what make Moree products so fascinating.

‘Enhancing ambiance’ is Moree’s philosophy.

Service, Accessories & Spare Parts

Moree products are durable and of high quality, and a spare parts and repair service is naturally part of this concept.

Good service and the rapid availability of accessories and spare parts are not only essential for professional use. When designing products, we pay attention to the possible use of replacement parts and maintain a spare parts warehouse that enables products to be repaired quickly.

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