Light mood at the touch of a button. Choose from different technical versions with white or multicolored light, a product for indoor or outdoor, or with cable or battery.

Side Tables

Bar tables for the relaxed party!
For indoor & outdoor, with & without lighting.

LED Stehtisch


LED tables from Moree provide thanks to their different designs and the different materials both indoors and outdoors for light and ambience. Wood and plastic are used as well as metal, for example. In the currently popular wood – pallet look illuminates the LED table Beach terraces, gardens and balconies. The LED battery unit is suitable for outdoor use and can be easily charged by induction thanks to the magnetic attachment. Beach is also suitable for restaurants and hotels.
Bubble and Cube are also luminous small pieces of furniture that can be used either as an LED table or as seating furniture combining functional furniture and atmospheric ambience. In addition to the battery version, which is particularly advantageous for outdoor use, they are also available in wired versions. The LED tables are made of robust PE plastic and are very durable.
The LED table ORA Home is available both with lighting, but also without light the center of any living room. The lacquered wooden body is closed at the top by a satin glass top. In the illuminated LED table variant, the LED unit shines through the glass top as well as downwards. There the LED table offers storage space and USB charging stations for tablet and cell phone. But also books, magazines and decorative objects can be staged atmospherically.
The range is complemented by LED tables of the Lounge series, Lounge 45-105 and Lounge M. These light tables are characterized by the translucent plastic, which is coated with PMMA. This gives the LED tables a glass-like and elegant appearance. The Lounge table is also equipped with a safety glass top. The translucent white plastic of the body supports the luminosity of the LED technology inside. If it should be a LED table not only for the lounge area, models with metal base are available in different heights. Lounge 45 and 55 as well as Lounge M 45 and 55 are perfect side tables for indoor and outdoor use. The table height 75 turns the Lounge series into a stylish dining place and in the 105 version the LED bar tables are perfect for any event or function.
All tables are a perfect complement to our bar and buffet system.

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