The modular Moree bar and buffet system is equipped with numerous useful functions, such as dual lighting, easy handling, cable management, etc..

Dual Lighting

The individual bar modules have two separately operable multicolor LED units, so that the front and work area behind the counter can shine in various desired colors or white.

The integrated lighting is controlled by radio remote control, with four channels available per remote control, so that not only individual areas (front or work surface), but also the various modules can be controlled individually. Colors can thus be adjusted according to the event and an impressive mood can be created.

Simple Connection of Modules

Through the simple use of connectors, the individual bar and buffet modules are firmly screwed together and perfectly and neatly aligned.

Quick connection of modules

Easy Hanging of the End Pieces

All counter and buffet modules have a stainless steel frame on the side, which is open. By using end pieces, the sides are closed and make the design complete.

Cable Management

Each module has a supply line to provide power to the dual LED controller. Additional cable passages allow the use of wired devices even on the work surface.

Cable Management

Height adjustable Shelves

Bar and buffet modules are delivered with a middle shelf and a bottom shelf. The middle shelf can be screwed in 3 positions.

Adjustable Feet & Wheels with Brakes

Counter and buffet modules can be equipped with feet in 20mm or 60mm height. For mobile modules we offer wheels in height 60 and 100 mm, each with brake.

Moree Zubehör Bar Buffet Füße+Rollen Feet+Wheels Mod 19-01-XX

Lockable Modules

Counter and buffet modules can be supplemented with doors on the back of the module. Lockable doors offer more security against theft, e.g. at trade fairs and events.


At bar modules can be worked in sitting or standing position. E.g. with our height-adjustable bar stool ED.


Positioning Buffet 110

The additional module Buffet 110 is used on a 1M bar module to create a complete surface at the height of the bar board. Ideal to place food, drinks or decoration.

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