Modular LED Bar & Buffet

With Dual Multicolour LED Lighting

LED Bar & Buffet

Moree presents a innovative bar system, which consists of different, straight and round, combinable bar and buffet modules. It was developed by our designers especially for the gastronomy, event and trade fair sector and impresses with its timeless design and high-quality workmanship. MADE IN GERMANY.

Do you have any questions about the LED bar & the back buffet or would you like an offer? Please contact us.

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Modules at a Glance

The counter and buffet modules can be used for mobile use at trade fairs and events as well as for stationary use in gastronomy and hotels.

Whether as a counter/reception counter, DJ booth, mobile cocktail bar or as a large e.g. trade fair counter, the bar system adapts to the spatial conditions and customer requirements. It offers ample storage space on top and plenty of storage space inside.

Modular LED Counter Buffet Overview Application - Moree Breakfast Buffet Hotel Catering Restaurant

Reception Counters

The illuminated reception counters convince with timeless design and high-quality workmanship. The materials used for the counters are robust and easy to clean. The reception counter can be manufactured in white or also in wood or metal surfaces and thus fits perfectly into the desired interior design.

LED Bar & Buffet Examples

From the modular Moree bar counter modules you can create your own bar counter configuration, perfectly tailored to your premises. Customize your desired system and get a bar counter specifically tailored to your needs.

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An overview of implemented projects shows the diversity of possibilities!


The modular Moree bar and buffet system is equipped with numerous useful features, such as dual front and back lighting, easy handling, cable management, and much more.

Modular LED Bar Buffet Overview Dual Lighting - Moree Bar Lighting By Wireless Remote Control LED Bar Buffet


Branding, decors, theme worlds – there are endless design possibilities.

Individual printing, e.g. on the counter fronts or the back buffet superstructures, enables customers to place their brands and messages prominently.

The standard color of the modules is white. However, all modules are also available in a wide range of color, wood, material and metal decors. Counter tops and end pieces can also be painted in custom colors or manufactured in solid wood. Special dimensions are also available.


All information about the modular bar and buffet system at a glance.


Whether dishwasher, refrigerator or beer dispenser, with extensive accessories we create counter and buffet modules as desired.

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