Modular LED Bar

Example 14

Moree Bar

The Moree Bar allows you to create your own configurations to perfectly suit any event or environment. All components can be perfectly fitted in an infinite number of combinations.
Fitted with two LED lights at the front and the back of the bar which can work together or separately allowing further personalisation. This function can be operated at the same time via just one remote control or by using the Moree app.

Modular LED Bar Example 14 – Club Bar

Example 14 is a great example of a Club bar for its long configuration which can create a simple bar suitable for any location.
The Example Consists of:
  • 6 x 1 Meter Module (Mod. 19-01-01)
  • 2 x  90° Module (Mod. 19-01-03)
  • 1 x Endcap Radius Left (Mod. 19-01-05) or 1x Endcap Edge Left (Mod. 19-01-31)
  • 1 x Endcap Radius Right (Mod. 19-01-06) or 1x Endcap Edge Right (Mod. 19-01-32)
  • 3x 1M Buffet 86 (Mod. 19-01-07)
  • 3x Cube 40 (Mod. 19-01-071)
  • 3x Cube 76  (Mod. 19-01-072)