Studio 105

The Studio 105 bar table from Moree is rectangular but still evinces a particularly dynamic feeling.

The unusually shaped table top rests like a designer object on a column of metal. The mix of high-gloss acrylic-coated, UV-resistant plastics and brushed aluminium makes this striking bar table a real eye-catcher; and thanks to the powerful integrated LED technology, it’s also a table with built-in illumination. It adds a stylish, impressive and colourfully futuristic touch to lounges, bar, lobbies and clubs as well as events.

The Studio 105 is constructed as an illuminated outdoor table for restaurant use on patios and in gardens. All of its technical functions, such as colour selection programme and light intensity, can be remote-controlled. The Pro version provides an optional radio link allowing simultaneous control of several LED tables. A glass top gives this illuminated piece of furniture a special finishing touch.