Illuminated counters for the perfect reception.

New – Counters from Moree. The counter sets come in both a straight 1M version and 60° curved version. The reception counter is a non modular set. Similar to our modular bar in appearance the counters offer a convenient alternative for those who require just a short reception counter, without the modular feature. Complete with a generous worktop surface the counters are multi functional, suitable for use as a bar, reception or entrance counter.

Moree offers an edge and radius variation. Whilst the counters are the same in functionality they differ in appearance. The radius series are complete with curved smooth ends, with a sprayed wood, white finish. Whilst the edge series have laminated wood ends with clean straight edges.

Each counter is lit with built in LEDs both on the front and back. The multi colour LED strips illuminate the contemporary reception counters generously, enhancing the ambience of the environment they are used in. The LEDs are controlled via radio remote control, allowing you to explore the full RGB spectrum, adjust brightness and choose from a range of preset modes. The remote control has a large range of 25m and you can programme it to control the front and back counter lights either together or separately.

The counters have a generous work space and come with 1 removable shelf. The versatile counters can be worked behind either standing or seated depending on the use. The straight 1M counters provide a good work space for use as a DJ booth or reception desk for example. Whilst the 60° counters are curved in shape, making them ideal for use at trade fairs or for more stylish receptions. The contemporary white counters are finished with a brushed stainless steel foot strip, which adds value to the overall appearance and prevents damage to the counter for prolonged daily use.

The counters stand at 107 cm tall, with the workplace at 56 cm metres. The 60° counter has a wider overall width of 1.5 metres compared to the 1M wide straight versions.

We manufacture in Germany, so special requests can be taken into account at any time, talk to us or take a look at our catalog to get an idea of the variety of accessories. More information about our modular bar and buffet system here.